Friday, July 3, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

(Hosted by Jen)

1. So I bought some great made in France house brand lipstick at Sephora. I got home to realize, though that Sephora Bags have "Made in China" stamped at the bottom of it. I was thinking it was frivolous to get a bag for a tube of lipstick... In the future, I'll refrain from getting unneeded bags, I think (good for not having bags all over the house, too!)

2. At H&M I found something that I have been looking for for months! A thick, nice, black leather belt that is not made in China! Made in Sweden in fact. There were even two styles to choose from! I was thrilled. I can finally wear my Utilikilt I got for Christmas.

3. The reason I ventured into the Mall at all was to find out whether Charter Club towels at macys were made in China or not. The perils of online wedding registries! So little choice, so little labeling. They are made in India, if you are curious. :) I bought all the towels they asked for. Bedsheets, toilet mats, and some other assorted Charter Club household items are also not made in China, so I recommend this brand, overall. Macy's online labeling, on the other hand, not so much.

4. Claire's items seem to be having a Taiwan vs. China war, where many virtually identical items were made in one or the other. I found a nice headband and some tights made in Taiwan, though, which made me happy.

5. Speaking of H&M, I'm quite happy that they retain such a large portion of their items made in countries other than China. I got two pairs of jeans on sale made in Turkey, and a skirt made in Bangladesh, so all in all a good day.

6. A certain someone I'm related to is asking for fancy Copic (by .Too) markers for his birthday. He is fortunate that they are Made in Japan, let me tell you. They are also amazing markers, I have some myself. 

7. Sorry for not posting anymore --- mostly I have not been shopping much. Today was a shopping spree, so that was nice, and the China related frustrations made me revive this blog. I got some Victoria's Secret Intimissi underwear today, they are made in Italy, and quite nice to boot. 


pennyyak said...

What an unusual subject for a blog! It's really neat. Thanks for signing in as something other than Anon. so I could find it.

And thanks for the help!


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