Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Travel guides

I love traveling. Sometimes alone and preferably without a tour guide. Which means I need tour books or travel guides. Now, there is this problem with travel guides. You cannot return them. So you need to look like a crazy person at the bookstore flipping through them. 

Here are things I know for sure:

Lonely Planet Kyoto, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Bahamas are printed in China. I was going to make the educated guess that *all* lonely planet guides were printed in China, but my Lonely Planet London was printed in Singapore. Now, That is the only volume I bought outside of the US. The publishing house might vary by country. So, check the inside cover?

Rough Guide Montreal and Japan are made in China. I have seen other Rough guides that were not, however. Rough guide buyers beware! The printing information is in an awkward location: between the end of the book and the maps and index. It took me a couple of tries to discover this.

Knopf Montreal Mapguide is not made in China. Hooray!

The Berlin InsideOut compass guide -- this most awesome thing, comes with a compass and a pen -- is produced in China. But it only says so in the price sticker. Everything else would indicate it was made in the UK. But no. Sad. A mapbook with a compass is pretty much the most useful thing ever made. 

If I travel more, I'll keep you updated. I seem to be out of luck in travel guides. 

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