Sunday, November 23, 2008

Store Post: Petco

I have a cat. So I have to buy kitty litter, at least until I figure out how to do this. I wanted to switch to crystal only litter this week... I used to use it, but my cat was not *as* partial to it as clumping litter, so when he lived with other cats, it meant his litter box remained unused. However, since he is alone now, I figure I could switch back. However, every crystal-only litter in the store was made in china. Happily, all tidy cats clumping litter of all sorts of additives seemed to be made in the USA. I picked the small spaces one. Hooray! Cat has litter. But I might seriously consider this toilet training thing, at least once I fix the downstairs toilet...

Also, A lot of the "boxed" petco carpet covered cat jungle gyms were made in china. The unboxed ones tended to be made in the USA. Not sure why. 

All the electric water fountains I saw were made in China. Especially Drinkwell, but a few others, too. The Le Bistro Waterers and some other "inverted jug" waterers were not made in China, so that was a win. I did not buy an automatic feeder because of the fatness of my cat. 

I almost bought some sort of miracle shedding tool, but it was made in china. I think it was called the "furminator" or something.

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