Monday, November 17, 2008

Store Post: Crate and Barrel

So, Crate and Barrel has long been one of my favorite stores. Upscale, but not too upscale, found in every mall, very simple stylings and fantastic cookware implements. I have these sliding measuring spoon things from them which I adore to pieces. 

Sadly, I need to be very careful when buying from there from now on, since a good deal of their inventory is made in China. Be specially wary of their glassware. 

However, it is not all a loss. Their sheets, for example. They have Marimekko sheets. They are designed in Finland, and at least some of the designs are made in Pakistan. I bought some of those after asking customer service about it. Their labeling online is not good (the dratted imported tag), but their customer service will have an answer (within a couple of days), and their products in the physical store are well labeled. 

So this is a mixed review of Crate and Barrel. I'll keep patronizing there for now, with cautious optimism. 

A note when talking to customer service. I try not to be confrontational. I never ask: is this made in China? I ask: where is this made? I feel that is more neutral. 

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